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Spare Features

What does Spare offer?

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    Pay with Spare

    No need for card numbers or expiration dates.
    Pay directly and securely by authorizing a
    payment through your bank app

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    All your apples in one basket

    Connect an unlimited number of bank accounts and view them all at once.

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    Track your spendings

    Losing control over your expenditures? Now you can view all your daily transactions in clear, simple categories such as: Eating out, shopping, bills, and healthcare.

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    Do budgeting painlessly

    Spare helps you to set up daily, weekly, or monthly budgets that will assist you in controlling your expenses.

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    Receive intelligent insights

    Understand and analyze your financial habits at a glance, easily. Goodbye manual calculations and excel sheets.

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    Get personalized offers

    Get exclusive offers with Spare based on your spending habits and save even more while enjoying shopping from the places you love.

Spare Security

We are serious about security & privacy

  • Security

    Our first priority is your data security. Spare uses SSL 256-bit encryption, the same security standard that banks use. You can rest assured that all your personal information is safe and fully encrypted. All connections are made through secure, open banking channels provided directly from your bank.

  • Privacy

    When you agree on giving access to your bank accounts for Spare, it means that Spare can use your data without the ability to store any of your login credentials or change anything in your accounts.

    If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with

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