Our mission
Our mission is straightforward yet profound: democratize finance. Utilizing the transformative power of open banking, we securely and swiftly connect businesses with their customers' financial data. This pivotal connection empowers our partners to design and deliver innovative, customer-centric products that augment financial wellbeing.
Our Vision
We dream of a future where financial services are effortlessly integrated into everyday life, enhancing convenience and catalyzing economic progression. Through our robust technology, we aim to unlock uncharted potential, demystifying finance and propelling the region forward on the wings of innovation.
What We Do
As a regulated open banking provider in the Middle East, Spare is the compass guiding you to unparalleled financial connectivity. Our versatile platform offers a comprehensive suite of services, including real-time account information and seamless payment initiation.
We envision a world where seamless banking operations and financial inclusivity are not just dreams but reality for everyone. Our commitment is to enable our partners to drive change, enhance customer experiences, and shape the future of banking with agility, transparency, and trust.

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