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    To give everyone the power to be smart with their money.


    After spending years abroad and experiencing products and services in the financial space as well as apps that make people's lives easier, we felt it was about time we brought some of those efficiencies back to our region. We started working on Spare at the end of 2017 and the journey has taken us across different countries in the region and through many ideas, trials and errors. In our young fintech space, we've been learning, adapting and adding new elements to Spare. We've started in Kuwait and are now also in Bahrain and soon will be across the region.


    Inclusion, perseverance, reliability. All this with the purpose of providing smart, simple and innovative tools which support everyone in achieving their financial goals.

Spare Security Illustration


We are financial experts, consultants, marketers, engineers and designers who believe that everything related to money should be simple. Our home base is in Kuwait with teammates in London, Bahrain, Tunis, and Egypt.

Dalal Alrayes Illustration

Dalal Alrayes


Saurabh Shah Illustration

Saurabh Shah


Saurabh Shah Illustration

Abdulaziz AlOthman

Business development officer

Yasmine Wassef Illustration

Yasmine Wassef

Senior Graphic Designer

Hasni Mehdi Illustration

Hasni Mehdi

Head of Engineering

Mohamed Talal Illustration

Mohamed Talal

Frontend Developer

Yassin Ben Taher Illustration

Yassin Ben Taher

Frontend Developer

Chouaieb Debbebi Illustration

Oussema Helal

Android Developer

Ahmed Moussa Illustration

Ahmed Mousse

iOS Developer